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Non-toxic coagulant for heavy metal remove Description: It is a not-toxic and environmentally-friendly heavy metal catcher. This chemical could form a stable compound with most monovalent and divalent metal ions in waste water, such as: Fe 2+ ,Ni 2+ ,Pb 2+ ,Cu 2+ ,Ag + ,Zn 2+ ,Cd 2+ ,Hg 2+ ,Ti +...

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Non-toxic coagulant for heavy metal remove

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Heavy metal capture agent is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemical that strongly chelates heavy metal ions, because it can interact with Cu2 +, Cd2 +, Hg2 + in wastewater at room temperature and a wide range of pH conditions. Pb2 +, Mn2 +, Ni2 +, Zn2 +, Cr3 + and other heavy metal ions chemically react, and quickly generate insoluble, low-concentration flocculent precipitates that are easy to filter and remove in a short time, so as to remove heavy metals from sewage Ionic chemicals are called heavy metal traps. After treatment, the sediment cannot be dissolved by rainwater, and there is no secondary pollution problem.


Application Field:

1. Removal of heavy metals in wastewater treatment of electroplating plant;

2. Removal of heavy metals in wastewater treatment of electronic circuit board plants;

3. Removal of heavy metals from mine tailings wastewater treatment;

4. Removal of heavy metals in metallurgical wastewater treatment;

5. Removal of heavy metals from wastewater treatment in chemical and leather industries.



1. The treatment method is simple, no new equipment is needed, and heavy metals can be removed only by adding a catching agent;

2. The capture agent can strongly complex with heavy metal ions to form a good floc;

3. Good flocculation effect, less sludge and easy to dewater.

4. The sediment cannot be dissolved by rainwater, and there is no problem of secondary pollution.



Appearance: colorless or Yellow liquid

Solid content(%) ≥15

PH(1% water solution): 9.0-12.5

Density(g/cm3, 20℃)≥1.15


Application Method:

Waste water→Adjust PH to 7-10→Add this product with stiring for 30mins →Add organic flocculant with stiring→

Sedimentation→Filter→Treated water→stir slowly for 15 mins


Reference dose of TMT-15 for 10PPM heavy metal ion:


Heavy mental

TMT-15 dosage(L/M3)























Package : 

The heavy metal trap is a liquid mixture, 25Kg or 200Kg/barrel. Should be stored in a cool and dry environment. When not in use, keep the container tightly closed. Avoid freezing. If it is frozen, thaw and mix thoroughly before use.

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