Industrial Waste Water Treatment Dyeing Chemical Textile Auxiliaries CPAM Cation Cationic Polyacrylamide

PAM - Cationic polyacrylamide Description: This product is a water-soluble high polymer.It’s not soluble in most organic solvents, with good flocculating activity, and can reduce the friction resistance between liquid. Application Field: 1. It is mainly used for the sludge dewatering and...

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Cationic Polyelectrolyte Chemical Used for the Sludge Dewatering

PAM - Cationic polyacrylamide



The product is a water-soluble polymer. It is insoluble in most organic solvents, has good flocculation activity, and can reduce the frictional resistance between liquids.


Application Field:

1. Mainly used for sludge dewatering to reduce the moisture content of sludge.

2. It can be used to treat industrial wastewater and domestic sewage.

3. It can be used in papermaking to improve the wet and dry strength of paper, increase the wet and dry strength of paper, and increase the retention of fine fibers and fillers.


1. Easy to dissolve, dissolve time 40min.
2. High efficiency.
3. High molecular, molecular weight 10million.
4. High purity, without impurity.



Cationic type


White or light yellow granular or powder

 Molecular weight




Note: our product can be made upon your special request.


Application Method:

1. It should be diluted to a concentration of 0.1% (based on the solid content). It is best to use neutral or desalted water.

2. When preparing the solution, the product should be evenly dispersed in the stirring water, usually the temperature is between 50-60 ℃.

3. The most economical dosage is based on experiment.

Package and Storage:

1. The solid product can be packed in a plastic inner bag, and then packed in a polypropylene woven bag, each bag containing 25Kg. Colloid products can be packed in plastic inner bags, and then packed in fiberboard drums, each drum containing 50Kg or 200Kg.

2. This product is hygroscopic, so it should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place below 35°C.

3. Solid products should not be scattered on the ground, because hygroscopic powder will cause slippage.

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