Feed Grade Flake Hexahydrate Magnesium Chloride

Crystalline Aluminium Chloride Description : Crystalline aluminium chloride is also called aluminum chloride hexahydrate, aluminum trichloride crystal. Molecular formula is AlCl 3 ·6H 2 O. With slight smell like hydrochloric acid, it is crystalline with white, light yellow or yellow color. It is...

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Crystalline Aluminium Chloride


Crystalline aluminium chloride is also called aluminum chloride hexahydrate, aluminum trichloride crystal. Molecular formula is AlCl3·6H2O. With slight smell like hydrochloric acid, it is crystalline with white, light yellow or yellow color. It is widely used in the fields of water treatment, cast, paper making, etc.





Excellent grade

First-class grade

AlCl3·6H2O ≥ %



Fe≤ %



Water insoluble ≤ %



Property and Application: 

1. Used for drinking water treatment, especially for the water of low temperature, low turbidity or low alkaline.

2. Mainly used as hardener, hardening agent for precision casting.

a. Compared with other hardening agents such as magnesium chloride or ammonia chloride, its needed dosage and composite cost is less.

b. When used as shell hardening agent, it makes the strength of shell higher, the quality of casting better, the rate of finished products higher by about 3%

c. No noxious gas generated during production which improves the labor environment.


Application Method:

1. when used for water treatment, generally, its concentration should be diluted by 5 to 20 times, then stir it until dissolution and put into the water with calculation.

2. When used in precision casting as hardening agent, the dosage is 50 kg crystalline aluminium chloride to 100 kg water and the concentration is around 33%.

3. When used as hardening agent, the content of crystalline aluminium chloride will become less gradually while degree of alkalization, PH value and viscosity will come up. At that time, add some crystalline aluminium chloride to adjust the AlCl3·6H2O content in hardening agent. When PH value more than 1.7, should add some technical hydrochloric acid.


Package and storage:

Package:packed with 50kg sealed double plastic bag or fiber drum with plastic bag inside,

Storage: easily deliquesced in the air so it should be packed well during storage,transportation, etc.

It can not be stored and transported with other toxic and harmful materials.

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