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THAIWATER Expo 2017 Thailand - Bangkok-Exhibition Center

May 06, 2017


Thai Water Show is about to become one of the largest professional exhibitions in Southeast Asia.

     The Thai Water Show will not only bring exhibitors to Thailand's business opportunities, but also for exhibitors to bring the entire Asia-Pacific region and the world's business opportunities, as of 2017, Thailand will soon become a huge free trade zone, and Thailand Water Show The same time the Thai valve and new energy show will bring more benefits and business opportunities to exhibitors at the Thai Water Show and provide a more comprehensive solution for environmental problems. At the same time, as the most famous BITEC exhibition center in Bangkok Will be in addition to professional buyers, visitors, exhibitors, but also attracted the local government officials and international business leaders. Thailand Water Show will also be held in the Asia Pacific Water Treatment Conference venue, the day of the seminar will be for water purification and sewage treatment of professional solutions.

Range of exhibition:

 life, industry, city and other sewage treatment technology and equipment life, industry, building water supply and drainage technology and equipment, all kinds of water supply and drainage system

Membrane and membrane separation technology and equipment; sewage purification technology water treatment chemicals, filter materials and ancillary equipment

 Water saving and waste water resources Application technology and equipment; Water quality, water resources detection, analysis, monitoring equipment and equipment, water meter

 household and commercial water machine, water technology and equipment, pure water, distilled water, mineral water and other manufacturing technology and products

 various types of valves, pumps, seals, frequency water supply equipment, water tanks, vibration isolation equipment, etc.

 various types of pipe, pipe fittings, pipe network testing facilities all kinds of water supply and drainage products production machinery, water disinfection equipment

 pipe network testing and processing repair engineering technology, sealing materials and pipeline equipment