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Textile Consumer Market Space: Textiles

Jan 25, 2016

At present, the total amount of China's fiber processing is 53 million tons, accounted for 54.8% of the world, accounting for more than half of the world. "China's industrial textile industry association President Li Lingshen said the textile industry would be a" thriving industry. " This year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the national textile industry development plan (2016-2020) (referred to as textile industry development plan) proposed policy measures for promoting the development of the textile industry, encourages the development of chemical fiber materials, high performance technical textiles, natural fibers development and application of three major areas.

It is understood that the textile industry is China's traditional pillar industry, important livelihood industries and created new advantages of international business. Today, the textile industry in new technologies, new business growth in adjusting the structure of the industry, how to become an integral part of strategic emerging industries, and how to go beyond the textile transformation across the high-tech industry has become a new topic.