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Fixing Agent Development

Sep 19, 2016

Fixing agent in dyeing and printing industry is one of the most important Assistant. [1] in recent years, with the development of science and technology, dyeing and finishing technology has also been improved significantly, due to the expansion of international trade in textiles and the improvement of people's living standards, environmental awareness, requiring fabric for a comfortable, clean and safe. since in the 1970 of the 20th century, Germany first launched the "Blue Angel" program, a number of developed countries in the world (Japan and the United States, and so on) associated with the progressive adoption and implementation of laws and regulations, Provides has textiles of various index. green textiles requirements in dyeing processing in the ban using regulations in the by provides of carcinogenic, and to orthodontic and biological degradation sex poor and some aromatic amine intermediate production of dye of material, while also requirements by using of additives not containing heavy metal ion and not produced free formaldehyde [2-4], is using "green additives", no aldehyde fixing agent KS of development and the application are meet this requirements fixing agent KS is through organic amine and ring oxygen chlorine propane occurred aggregate reaction, again with hydrochloride acidification get fixing agent KS, It for activity, and directly, and sulfide dye dye cotton Hou of solid color, can in dye and fiber between "bridge" formed compounds, that while and dye molecular reaction, and cellulose fiber make joint, formed height diversified make joint system, makes dye and fiber more firm to combined, prevent dye from fiber Shang off, improve has dyeing fastness. fixing agent in the of activity material can mutual condensation, in fiber surface formed stereo mesh film, put dye closed, increased has oil on canvas of smooth degrees, reduced friction coefficient does not easy mill broken, Wet friction prevents further dye that occur during swelling, dissolving, deciduous, improved wet rubbing fastness.