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Water treatment chemicals

Jan 09, 2017

Water treatment chemicals mainly refers to the industrial water treatment chemicals used, including cooling water, boiler water, sewage, oil and other industrial water treatment with the scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, dispersant, Defoamers, flocculants, oxygen scavengers, sludge regulators, chelating agents, and the like. Flocculants and coagulant for raw water and sewage treatment are also included in water treatment chemicals. In addition, activated carbon and ion exchange resins are also important water treatment chemicals.

Water treatment chemicals three categories of products

1. General chemicals: formerly refers to the inorganic chemical products used in water treatment, such as aluminum sulfate, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid and so on.

2. Water treatment dedicated chemicals: ion exchange resins and organic water treatment chemicals including activated carbon, inorganic polyaluminium chloride organic flocculants, lime, alum, etc. Organic water treatment chemicals include polyacrylamide, potassium acid, polyamine and polyquaternium Salt);

3. Formulation chemicals: including corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, fungicides and combustion additives.

Water treatment chemicals have a strong turn. The water treatment chemicals can be divided into two categories according to the purpose of the application.

1 purified water: PH value of the regulator, redox agents, adsorbents, activated carbon and ion exchange resins, coagulants and flocculants.

2 special industrial purposes: corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor dispersant, sterilization algicide, softener.

Complex water treatment agent is the main application form, with multi-functional, easy to use advantages.

Water treatment for improving water quality, to prevent scaling, corrosion, bacteria and algae breeding and environmental pollution, to ensure the efficient, safe and long-term operation of industrial production, and water, energy saving, materials and environmental protection and other aspects of great significance.

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